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Delmarva Digital's ecommerce tools and expertise helped us go from our first web site transaction, to passing $500,000.00 in online shoe sales!

Loren Martin
Delmarva Digital - Content Management
With Customized Content Management System (CCMS), we build VERY easy to use tools so that anyone on your team can quickly update your content. Since “one size doesn’t fit all”, here are some of the features you can have your web site content manager customized with:

     - Automated Theme Settings for automatic seasonal graphics changes
     - WYSIWYG Rich Text Editor (What you see is what you get, like Word or Word Perfect)
     - Flexible Enquiry Forms
     - Intelligent Word Search Tools
     - Customized Intranet Interface Programming
     - Banking Gateway Ecommerce Integration
     - Spell Checker
     - Find and Replace
     - Site-Tree with Drag-and-Drop and Right Click Functionality
     - Edit Meta Data for Search Engine Optimization
     - Central Management of Multiple Sites with Common Databases
     - Excel Data Export
     - Custom Reports
     - Optimize and Resize Images

Security Features
     - Secure Password Protocols
     - Multiple Level Login Access
     - Login Reporting
     - SSL Encrypted Back-end Sections