ECommerce Solutions

Our Completely Custom coded solutions provide a wide range of possibilities where traditional ecommerce systems and brand name platforms fall short. Would you like your website to integrate with existing systems? That's what we do.

Business Management

  • Customized reporting tools

Client Communication

  • Email blast system - built-in
  • Mobile sms blast system - built-in

Integrated Call Center Platforms and Support

Purchase Services

Membership Signups and Accounts

Donation and Donor Management

Business to Business Marketplaces

Retail Ecommerce with Wholesaler login & management

Example Sites

Inventory Management

  • POS and Inventory Integration
  • Customized Vendor Management and Payment Tracking functions
  • Customized Account Login Experiences
  • Push notifications
  • Variant Pricing
  • Custom Product Import Tools
  • View customer details, contact information and order histories
  • Handle returns
  • Flat, free and special shipping rates for your products
  • Rich Content Editing
  • Customized Site Search
  • Discount codes
  • Integrated blog or articles section

Catalog Brand & Category Management

  • Categories
  • Search and sort to easily find categories
  • Manage categories and sub-categories
  • Feature categories
  • Set categories, brands and products as “active” or “inactive”
  • Set page URL's and SEO elements
  • Brand management
  • Feature brands on the homepage

Product Administration

  • Search and sort products categories or with specific attributes
  • Easily manage and edit products
  • Product fields include name, SKU, product details, additional details, list price, your price, weight, stock, minimum quantity order amount, handling fee and more.
  • Ability to select options such as featured, free shipping, reviews allowed, require moderation for reviews and more
  • Add and manage main product image and additional product images
  • “What you see is what you get” (WYSIWYG) editor for managing content block, such as product details
  • Feature products on the homepage
  • Set products as “active” or “inactive”
  • Add products to a single category or multiple categories
  • Add and manage product options and option groups
  • Add and manage related products
  • Add and manage related accessories
  • Attach and embed YouTube videos
  • Manage (approve and delete) product reviews

SEO & Marketing Management

  • Set product page URL and SEO elements for products
  • Remarketing & Re-targeting Management Tools - Built in
  • Built in SEO optimized code and layout
  • Customized Pages with SEO specific URLS deployed on-the-fly

General Website Administration

  • Manage pages
  • Blog management
  • Automated email messages
  • Review management
  • Customer management
  • Export customers to Excel

Order Management, Tracking & Admin Notifications

  • Discount code management
  • Custom Reporting
  • Taxes & Locations
  • Email Blast Configuration
  • Order notifications by SMS of email
  • Affiliate