Learning Management Systems (LMS) for educational institutions, e-learning ser vice providers, continuing education providers, educational content publishers and corporate training divisions

Online Education Systems:

  • Secure solutions for content distribution, archive search and categorization
  • Custom tools and systems which help you create multiple cash flow streams
  • Corporate and Technical Learning Libraries and Learning Management Systems
  • Wikis and Collaboration Tools
  • Mobile Learning Solutions
  • Learning Portals
  • We develop Custom online corporate training experiences to fit specific business needs

Admission, Registration
& Administration

Student management processes which are simple and intuitive before and after registration

Student Information Management Systems (SIMS)

Supervise student-related activities such as keeping records of tests or examinations conducted, attendance, performance appraisals and other activities


Student, Class and Instructor scheduling with integrated tracking systems


Customizable real-time reports with features like learner satisfaction, facilitator approval, learner progress and completion rates

Process Management

Improve your process management by going paperless with Delmarva Digital’s custom software and services

Customized Continuing Education Programs

Auto generated Certificates based on course completion and testing.