Search Engine Marketing & Optimization (SEM/SEO)


Our team of marketing experts approaches Digital Marketing from an engineering and intelligence framework. This highly skilled group, which includes former national intelligence professionals, understands search engines, open source data gathering and analytics. And we know how to engineer the results you are looking for through complex multi-platform data and marketing coordination, proprietary news feeds, content creation, aggregation sites, and social media networks, among many other tools and methods.


We offer a wide range of search engine optimization services exclusively for our web development clients including:

- SEO Consulting Services - We can provide comprehensive strategic plan to help your business or organization achieve success online
- Content Development Services -- We empower our clients to achieve improved results quickly by adding search optimized content to key areas of your website.
- Search Optimized Website Platform Architecture - SEO begins with the right technical foundation so you can achieve maximum results
- Penalty Audit Services - Get more favorable organic placement in search engines like Google.
- Mobile Readiness - Increase mobile traffic and mobile purchases on your website.
- Local SEO - Your local business listings in search engines must be accurate with complete and accurate NAP data


Our SEM Services can increase your website's visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs.) Since identifying the right keywords is the foundation of search engine marketing, our team will conduct comprehensive research as part of an over all marketing strategy. We can work with you to identify keywords that are relevant to your business and keywords that prospective customers are likely to use when searching for your products and services. Our Search Engine Marketing packages are customized for each client's business requirements and are provided exclusively for our web development clients so we can insure a maximum level of service on platforms we host.


Use our built in platforms to communicate with customers (and potential ones) with simple interfaces and resources to help you get the most from your email marketing efforts. From campaign management to reporting and analysis, we can provide great marketing tools with almost no learning curve.

If your marketing requirements are more sophisticated, our team of globally experienced experts can provide comprehensive packaged marketing and advertising services to launch you with customized end to end solutions. These marketing services are provided exclusively for our web development clients so we can insure a maximum level of service on platforms we host.


While search engine marketing helps customers find you, Social Media Advertising and Marketing helps you find customers. Delmarva Digital offers customized solutions for your specific social media needs as part of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. We can create a targeted campaign to generate revenue, find new customers, and increase likes and follows. Social Media Services begin with creating an effective 360 Degree Social Marketing and Advertising Strategy. Some of our services include:

- Identify and Assess your Target Audience
- Brand relevant keywords, phrases and topics are targeted
- Social Media Platform Monitoring through out the duration of the campaign
- Sustained Adaptive Research with trend tracking
- Brand awareness built and maintained within the blogging community and forums to foster engagement
- Advanced Analytics and data-tracking tools for strategy improvement.
- News and other types of content creation for purpose of gathering a larger audience
- Regularly scheduled progress updates and campaign reporting

Additional Social Marketing tools and resources include 'on page' and 'off page' optimizations, digital advertising, remarketing campaigns, content marketing, email marketing and Delmarva Digital's own network of support websites and social media properties including direct geo-targeted advertising with social media property(s).

We can use Social Media targeting by demographic and location, using split testing, to serve ads that result in clicks to your website. The content and design of these ads are continually refined as well as the demographic focus, to achieve the best results. We also can utilize proprietary ad networks, as well as Google Ads, to deliver targeted traffic through regional and national websites visited by consumers.


Reach out to previous visitors and subtly incentivize them to come back to your site to get services or make the purchases they want. We can provide friendly reminders to your potential leads to let them know you are still available to help them. Leverage our proprietary technology and national-class platforms with customized landing pages as needed to gain a marketing advantage over your competition. These marketing services are provided exclusively for our web development clients on platforms we host so we can insure a maximum level and quality of service.


Our expert team may recommend Digital Display Ads as part of a comprehensive marketing strategy. We can help you establish brand awareness, generate new business leads, and increase e-commerce orders with digital display ads. Careful and tactical ad placement, great ad design, and consistent optimizations are some of the keys we use to make digital display advertising work powerfully.

We can capture user attention by targeting potential consumers with personalized campaigns designed to engage your target audience. We use sophisticated platforms and analytics to reveal who your highest quality leads are and what compels them 'Buy.' These marketing services are provided exclusively for our web development clients on platforms we host so we can insure a maximum level and quality of service.


We provide pre roll, mid roll and full length video commercial production and marketing services.


Delmarva Digital offers a comprehensive suite of executive and corporation reputation management services.


Your company or organization can benefit from Delmarva Digital's proprietary content creation and automated distribution platforms which can aggregate and distribute original content, memes, short videos, and infographics. A vast pool of content can be created efficiently and effectively to drive repeat traffic, create links, gain social mentions and boost search engine ranking for hundreds of targeted keywords.