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Delmarva Digital's ecommerce tools and expertise helped us go from our first web site transaction, to passing $500,000.00 in online shoe sales!

Loren Martin
Delmarva Digital - Ecommerce Solutions
Powerful and affordable Delmarva Digital Online Store Systems are easy to use, easy to manage, and give you efficient and effective control of your eCommerce business. We specialize in helping you determine which tools you will need to accomplish your business objectives. After your objectives are determined, we combine great design with a customized shopping system and database for each web site, because one size doesn’t fit all. Do more business and stand out among competitive sites, by improving your company’s image and branding with a professional web site from Delmarva Digital. The right combination web site design and functionality will make your customers want to spend more time in your online store, increase your sales, and make referrals to others more likely.

Enjoy enhanced shopping features which result in increased conversion from “looking” to “buying”, and receive unparalleled client support.

Standard and Optional Ecommerce web site features may include:

     - Highly Scalable Application & Server Platforms
     - In House Hosting Facility and Client Support
     - Customized Database Architecture and Development

     - Sell Downloadable items with ability to download specific number of times
     - Customer Reviews Submission and Retention
     - Tell a Friend feature sends customized messages from web site user to friends about products and services selected
     - Advanced Search Functions
     - Customized Checkout Messages
     - Auto-Responders
     - Multiple Product Images
     - Ultra-Zoom Product Images

     - Real-Time UPS Shipping Server Integration
     - UPS Package Tracking Confirmation Field
     - Real-time credit card processing integration Affiliate
     - Order Encryption
     - Pay-Pal Integration
     - Custom Checkout Area
     - Suggest Relevant Add-on Items on Check Out
     - Coupon and Discount Codes for Free Shipping, Discount for Min Order, Flat Rate Discount or Percentage Off
     - Quantity Price Breaks
     - Multiple Payment Options
     - Flexible Shipping Options
     - Packing Slip or Receipt Printing
     - Tax-Free Products and Options.

     - Create and Send E-Newsletters
     - Cross Selling Functionality - supported by a related keys mechanism
     - VIP Discount Programs
     - Product or Service Sales Packages
     - Select Sale or Featured Products to Display on Home Page
     - Single or Multi-Use Discount Codes
     - “Send This to a Friend” Feature

     - Customer Accounts, and Order History
     - Member’s Only Login Sections & Features
     - Client Wish List

     - Add/ Remove/Edit Products Instantly
     - Monitor/ Update Stock Control
     - Upload Product Images
     - Set up Discount Vouchers
     - Edit Meta Data for each Product Detail Page SEO
     - Discount by Entire Category, Brand or Sort Field
     - Virtually Unlimited Products
     - Multiple-Level Categories
     - Dynamic Product Navigation
     - Easy Product Color and Size Grid Edit Options for Complex Product Databases
     - New or Special Item Flag
     - Put Entire Categories Of Items On Sale
     - Organize Content with Tabbed Navigation
     - Quickbooks Integration with Order Data Export
     - Single Purchase, Multiple Location Gift Order Delivery
     - Order Management Tracking
     - Dual Wholesale/Retail Storefronts with a Common Database
     - Maintain Inventory Levels by Product and Product Options
     - Turn Products On/Off from Displaying on site Front-end Without Deleting
     - Set Products Display Order
     - Products Can Be Linked to Multiple Categories
     - Unlimited Number of Categories and Sub-Categories
     - Create Categories and Sub-Categories Dynamically