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Delmarva Digital's ecommerce tools and expertise helped us go from our first web site transaction, to passing $500,000.00 in online shoe sales!

Loren Martin
Delmarva Digital - Business Management Tools
Delmarva Digital filePort Pro
Our Exclusive Secure Document Transfer, Management, Storage & Tracking System.
This Virtual Office System can be included in, or linked to any web site. It is easy-to-use and ideal for the law profession, accountants, architects, engineers, or construction. Any scenario where there is a need to exchange files from a web-accessible location, FilePORT Pro is the easiest solution.

"Delmarva Digital is a well established company; they have a strong background in customized virtual office technology. We enjoy an outstanding working relationship with the development team at Delmarva Digital."

Kim Fowler, President
The IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society

Delmarva Digital filePort US
This specialized application for the U.S. Defense Industry includes U.S. Treasury level of encryption technology. Clients include research and defense contractors. This web-based system is also appropriate for other virtual office applications where security is of the utmost priority.

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