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Delmarva Digital's ecommerce tools and expertise helped us go from our first web site transaction, to passing $500,000.00 in online shoe sales!

Loren Martin
Delmarva Digital - Search Engine Optimization
Delmarva Digital’s Proprietary Content Marketing Program (Search Engine Optimization)

Our "Search Emerge" marketing program is strategically designed to deliver long-term results for the client. We have developed a process which utilizes Search Engine Marketing and Content Marketing to drive organic traffic to the client's website, by increasing a website’s overall search engine presence and standing for keyword phrases. We refer to this process as a campaign, and it is initially implemented over a 6 month period of time.

Our goal is to help our clients optimize their websites for web-based keyword searches to gain continual top of mind awareness for their organization, initiative, product, service, or brand. For example, in many cases a correctly implemented campaign can generate business leads consistently and persistently.

Through our Search Emerge marketing program we can help you increase the number of domain mentions to obtain better placement of targeted keywords in the search engines.

Optimization Tools
A few examples of our tools include third party content sites, keyword optimization, social media promotion, online advertising linked to the relevant targeted keyword, and customized URLs, etc.

Some of Our Unique Resources & Media Assets
   - Network of over 300 national new media properties that have been developed since 1998
   - Over 15 Large High Profile social media networks
   - Facebook networks which can yield as many as 200,000 to 300,000+ user views
   - National networks which include hundreds of key blogger relationships
   - Process of submission to over 30 major search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing