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Delmarva Digital's ecommerce tools and expertise helped us go from our first web site transaction, to passing $500,000.00 in online shoe sales!

Loren Martin
Delmarva Digital - Case Studies

Delmarva Digital Search-Emerge Campaign - 6 Month Basic Search Package

Client: Dickerson Fence (
Owner: Scott Dickerson
SEO Campaign: February 2011 - July 2011
Results: - Ranged between 1 to 3 web-site generated leads per week, throughout the year (as of November 9th,2011 and still counting)
- Approximately 30% closure rate on sales
- Over $100,000.00 in sales from web-generated leads during this period (equating to over $100 in closed sales for each $1 spent on SEO)
- Client eliminated major yellow pages contract expenditure of over $3000 during this same period, and now has plans to eliminate all remaining yellow pages contracts with secondary provider in 2012
- Significantly increased overall sales from last year
- Web leads generated from SEO had pre-qualified themselves and were "ready to buy", as opposed to yellow pages leads which tended to shop the competition and were harder to sell

Note: These results may or may not translate to every client - results may vary.